A baby and a bulldog, born on the same day, believe they are brothers, creating an irresistibly adorable bond.

Babies and puppies can only provide unconditional love, and the only thing that can happen when a baby and a dog are born on the same day is cuteness overload.

Ivette Ivens, a Chicago-based mother and photographer, is well aware of this, as she watches the wonderful attachment between her tiny kid Dilan and the French Bulldog pup Farley, who were both born on the same day.

Dilan and Farley, the small French Bulldog puppies.

Dilan’s mother, Ivette Ivens, knew they were meant to be best friends when she saw an ad for a French Bulldog pup born on the same day as her son.

Dilan and Farley do everything together and are definitely of the same species.

Ivette told the Daily Mail that “Farley gently plays with him and tries not to snore as they both slumber.”

“Farley is constantly with us, and he follows Dilan everywhere.”

Fairley is always willing to assist Dilan by cleaning up his mess after he eats…

…and making him giggle by kissing his neck when he screams.

It truly is the most loving connection imaginable – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable, and inseparable.

Ivette Ivens, Dilan’s mother, is an amazingly excellent children, baby, and family photographer; check out her work on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Check out her upcoming picture book, Breastfeeding Goddesses, which is based on her lovely series.

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