A devoted Golden Retriever stands watchfully beside their owner as they rest with a ventilator, illustrating a steadfast and unwavering devotion.

For this loyal golden retriever named Mao Mao in China, his owner means the world to him. Mao Mao’s owner wears a ventilator to sleep after suffering high blood pressure. The dog stays by his side to watch over Mr. Shao when he puts on the device. Touching footage shows the devoted pet refusing to leave his ill owner’s bedside. Mao Mao has become internet famous after a video went viral.

The loyal dog and his owner, Mr. Shao, 56, live in Xinxiang in Henan Province, according to MailOnline.

Courtesy of YouTube

In the video, which was filmed on April 15, 2020, the two-year-old golden retriever is seen in the video resting his head on Saho’s chest as he wears a ventilator and tries to go to sleep.

Mr. Shao suffers from high blood pressure and heart disease. He was advised by his doctor to wear a ventilator when he sleeps to prevent cardiac arrest.

“Mao Mao, don’t worry. I’m alright. You can go,” the owner said, trying to push away the golden retriever who remained still.

The three-year-old golden retriever named Mao Mao in central China’s Henan province is seen refusing to leave his owner’s bedside while the man wears a ventilator to sleep.
“Whenever I put on the ventilator, the dog seems to have sensed something, like he knows I’m sick,” Mr. Shao told reporters. “He would only get up when I wake up.”

“I’ve never seen such a smart dog. He’s not my real family, but he is like one.” the owner added.

Social media users could not get enough of Mao Mao.

When the man put on the device for the first time, he was surprised to see his golden retriever running towards his bedside to stay close by, seemingly guarding him in case of emergency.

“Dogs know everything like humans! They are truly our family,” one commenter gasped.

One dog owner shared their own story: “When I get sick, my dog would always stay next to me. It refuses to eat and looks so worried, really heart-warming!”

There are so many dogs everywhere around the world that are very loyal like Mao Mao, and there are many people who are willing to take them in like family. Be kind to animals. Maybe one day, they will save your life more than you have saved theirs.

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