A dog, hit by a stone hurled by a worker, yelps in agony and retreats, while indifferent passersby coldly observe, unmoved to intervene.

The story of the small dog named Qi Zai is a touching and hopeful tale. Abandoned and injured, the dog went through days of pain and loneliness on the streets. Fortunately, passersby recognized Qi Zai’s difficult situation and promptly took him to the hospital.

Here, doctors and nurses devoted a great deal of effort to care for and treat Qi Zai. The dog underwent multiple surgeries and therapies to recover his health. Gradually, each day, Qi Zai’s condition improved, from eating better to being able to stand up and play.

The care and support from the community also played a significant role in Qi Zai’s recovery process. Thanks to the love and care from everyone, the small dog had the opportunity to start a new life, where hope and faith always shine bright.


This is truly a remarkable story of the power of compassion and the miraculous ability of four-legged creatures to heal.


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