A German Shepherd’s paternal instincts come to the forefront as he nurtures orphaned fawns.

Dogs are some of the kindest, most accepting animals on the planet. That is why we love them as pets, and also why they make such good companions.

Take Sarge, for example, a German Shepherd with a heart of gold. However, he wasn’t always so nurturing, as he had a bit of a cranky side to him, but all that changed when he took in Buckwheat, a little deer.


When Cheryl Stephen, Sarge’s owner discovered the orphaned fawn, she immediately brought him home.

That is when the 9-year-old dog’s life took a turn, and he discovered a new purpose in life: being a foster dad to orphaned fawns.

It turned out that he had a softie side to him after all.


Cheryl had found Buckwheat completely alone in the middle of the road – desperate for some help.

Once Buckwheat was brought back to the house, it turned out that Sarge’s paternal instincts kicked in and he stepped in to help raise the little baby deer.


It was clear from their first meeting that Sarge felt a sense of protection for the fawn. And that is exactly what he did. He took the sweet little Buckwheat under his protection.


Sarge immediately settled into his new role of foster parent to little Buckwheat, making sure that the baby deer was always within his sights. In fact, Sarge always inserted himself into whatever the baby deer was doing.

If Buckwheat was eating, Sarge would join him. If the little fawn went to take a nap, Sarge was keeping a watchful eye out. When Buckwheat was playing and becoming more steady on his feet, Sarge was there to lend some encouragement and support.

He was just all about caring for the little baby.


As the little deer grew more confident and went about exploring the great outdoors, Sarge was his shadow and followed him around, always making sure that Buckwheat was never in any harm.

In fact, if Sarge felt that Buckwheat was straying a little too far, he would often herd him back to the safety of the porch.


Eventually, Buckwheat grew up and it was time for him to go back into the wild.

However, that wasn’t the end for Sarge – he was just getting started on his job as a foster parent to little deer.


By that point, word had gotten out about the bond between Buckwheat and Sarge, and how well Sarge had done in raising Buckwheat. As a result, he ended up being given a new little fawn to care for. Then after that one came another one. Then another one and the cycle continued.

As a result, Sarge and Cheryl ended up being regular contacts for wildlife rehabilitations that have to do with orphaned or abandoned fawns.


You can say that Sarge has become somewhat of the family’s deer-whisperer since he cares for all the little fawns that enter into the home.

And it is clear that he enjoys what he does since all the new babies always bring him lots of joy. And he always treats them so well.


As Cheryl shared with The Dodo, whenever they take in a new fawn, Sarge is the first to sniff it out in order to determine whether it’s healthy, sick or injured.


Unfortunately, not all fawn stories have happy endings. Occasionally they’ll have a fawn pass away despite Sarge’s best efforts.

Regardless of how long they’ve had the fawn, Sarge always takes the losses so personally.


But despite the occasional losses, Sarge continues to persevere in his work with the fawns – he loves what he does.

Every fawn that comes into his care is met with the same love and enthusiasm as Buckwheat – and that lasts all the way through until the fawn is old enough to go back into the wild.


And as much as Sarge loves his baby deer, they love him back just as much. It goes both ways.

As Cheryl shared, “The fawns are drawn to Sarge and feel safe in his presence.”


Buckwheat may have jumpstarted something new and wonderful in Sarge’s life, but he has completely taken it to heart.

And Sarge is such a great foster dad to his fawns – all who get a new lease on life thanks to his diligent care and protection.

Sarge and his family are on Instagram so you can follow them for more heart-warming pictures of Sarge looking after baby deer.

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