A heartbreaking rescue unfolds for a dog whose muzzle was tightly bound until it reached a necrotic state.

For the past two days, the story of a dog in Ben Tre whose muzzle was bound with tape to the point of necrosis has caused great outrage in the online community. Many people expressed their anger towards the heartless act of someone who brutally tortured the dog.

This poor dog came to public attention through photos taken by photographer D.N, who accidentally captured the dog scavenging for food by the riverbank in Ben Tre province. The images revealed that the dog’s muzzle had been tightly bound with tape for several days, causing necrosis and deformation of its mouth.

Immediately after the photos of the Ben Tre dog were posted online, they were shared at an astonishing rate. Many people voiced their outrage and called on animal rescue organizations to search for and save the poor dog.

After over a day of searching, the dog was found by a group of young people in Ben Tre and the animal rescue group “Gia đình của bé” (Baby’s family). The dog was immediately given fluid therapy by veterinarians to regain its strength and was transported to Ho Chi Minh City for treatment.

A young member of the rescue team with the nickname Đ.N shared: “The entire search team couldn’t hold back their tears when they saw the condition of the dog.”

Upon arrival, the dog from Ben Tre had the tape removed by veterinarians. When the tape was removed, many people in the team shed tears at the sight of the dog’s necrotic muzzle, which was reduced to just bones. The layer of flesh beneath the tape had completely disappeared. Nevertheless, the dog remained very patient, lying still while the veterinarians worked to treat and care for it.

“I was shocked when I saw this scene, but anyway, the dog is now safe and in the right place. One day, we will see the dog in a healthy state and different from the images we see now,” shared Đ.N.

Currently, the dog has been transferred to the animal rescue team “Ngôi nhà của bé” to receive the most scientific and caring treatment.

Upon hearing the news of the rescue of the Ben Tre dog, the online community expressed their joy. Nickname V.T.N shared: “Finally, the dog that had its muzzle taped in Ben Tre has been saved thanks to the photographer who posted the information and a group of rescuers. Everyone is happy for the dog. The prayers of all people who care and love the dog have created a source of energy to support the search for the dog.”

Nickname Hữu Tình wrote: “I shed tears of joy when I heard that the dog was rescued. Thinking about the black tape that caused its muzzle to sink, I felt sorry for it. Now, the dog is safe in the love of everyone, and I feel peaceful in my heart. I just hope the dog will recover quickly.”

Many people also expressed their gratitude to those who rescued the Ben Tre dog from physical and mental pain and fear. “Thank you so much for rescuing this dog. Reading the news of the dog’s rescue felt like my heart was being lifted, as if I was the one being saved. A million thanks to you, not only for rescuing the dog, but also for rescuing the sorrowful hearts of people like me,” one person said.

The dog whose muzzle was taped with adhesive tape couldn’t eat or drink.

The dog was given fluids to help it cope with the pain.

The rescue team had to be very careful while removing the tape layer.

The wounds were carefully bandaged by the young rescuers.

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