A heartwarming sight unfolded as dozens of stray dogs attended the funeral of a woman who had been feeding them, paying homage to her kindness and compassion.

Margarita Suarez has been a woman from Merida, Mexico, who used to fed more than 20 stray dogs that showed up at her door every single day of their life.
Margarita passed away a couple of weeks ago, and something unbelievable happened at her funeral: the pack of stray dogs surprisingly showed up at the funeral parlor to pay homage to say the final goodbye to the woman who used to feed them daily.

Dozens of dogs showed up at Margarita Suarez’s funeral. Her parents were obviously surprised to see these dogs pay homage to the woman who used to feed them.


She always carried a bag of food for stray dogs wherever she went. She was a true dog lover.


Those same dogs showed up all their love for Margarita on the day of her funeral.


The dogs followed the hearse to and from the funeral home.


“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful” said Patricia, Margarita’s daughter. This is the way these animals wanted to say goodbye to a kind soul.


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