A Lone Star Family’s Blessing: Welcoming Quadruplets into Their Lives This Summer!

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The Hagler family from Texas received an unexpected surprise when they learned they were expecting quadruplets earlier this year. Gaby Hagler, 39, and Patrick Hagler, 50, initially thought they were expecting twins but were shocked to discover during a 12-week ultrasound that they were actually expecting four babies.

Despite the initial shock, the Haglers were excited to welcome their rainbow babies, especially after previously experiencing a miscarriage. Their quadruplets—Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane—were born on June 22 at 34 weeks. The boys join their older siblings—stepbrother Paxton, 12, stepsister Kalleigh, 13, and brother Sammy, 2.

While the Haglers had only planned to have one more child, they agree that the quadruplets have transformed their lives for the better. Patrick Hagler, a marriage and family therapist, mentioned that turning 50 with four babies was unexpected but has energized him. Despite the financial challenges, they were fortunate to dip into their retirement savings to manage the expenses.

In addition to the financial adjustments, the Haglers have been figuring out their routine as they continue to care for the growing quadruplets. They go through an average of 45 diapers, 95 wipes, and up to 24 bottles per day, dedicating significant time to feeding, changing, and tending to their needs.

To manage the chaos, each newborn in the Hagler family has been assigned a unique color and animal theme, making it easier for family members to distinguish them. Despite the challenges, Gaby and Patrick express gratitude for the love and support from family and friends, as well as the assistance from their older children, who have stepped up to help since the quadruplets’ arrival.

Success Stories – New Destiny Family Success Center

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