A photographer captures the touching sight of a homeless man organizing a birthday celebration for dogs, sparking a series of events that transform lives.

People were completely touched by the love he had for his dogs.

When some people think of “home,” they don’t think of a place.

They think of their family as their home.

Just because Choco and his two dogs didn’t live in a house, they were still very much at home while sitting on the steps of a Bucaramanga, Colombia park.

Well here’s something you don’t see every day! A man named Choco sat on some stairs at a local park with two dogs wearing party hats

One sunny evening, a man walking through a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, saw a homeless man throwing what seemed to be a birthday party for his pet dogs. The man named Choco was sitting on stairs alongside his companions Shaggy and Nena, almost as if basking in the late sunshine, however, the party hats sitting atop of the pup’s heads told a different story.

They were celebrating the birthday of Shaggy the pup. Cake and candles were revealed and he started singing ‘Happy Birthday’

The bystander decided to capture the event on camera and we’re very glad he did as what happened next is truly heartwarming. Choco gave each of the sleepy pups some pets before unveiling a small cake and candles. He then started singing to his two companions a version of ‘Happy Birthday’. It appeared that it was Shaggy’s birthday and Choco was throwing him a little party.
Two candles were lit on the small cake, the pups carefully observing their owner’s actions, thinking of their wish

The candles were blown out and a wish was made as the pups received pets and kisses

Image credits: joseluis.matos.7906

Once the video was finished, the man came over to ask some questions and it was revealed that they were homeless

After ending the video, the person filming approached Choco to ask about their lives and to offer help. It was revealed that Choco had spent the last several years living on the streets after escaping an abusive home. Despite the hardship, he’d made sure that Shaggy and Nena were always taken care of to the best of his ability.

After running away from an abusive home, Choco found solace in Shaggy and Nena, who’d become his new family

The video quickly gained traction, encouraging people to donate food, supplies and money to help get Choco and his pups back on their feet

Once the video was posted, it quickly went viral, amassing over 440K views. Lots of people decided to come in and help the little family out and get them back on their feet.

The park where the festivities were held has become a gathering spot for other animal lovers, who donated food and other supplies for both Choco and his pups. They also had the man pose for pictures with their own pups for a little bit of fun, but that was just the beginning.

Someone gifted Choco a new phone, on which he started his Instagram, gaining over 180K followers

He’s expressed the wish to pursue music and to open up an animal shelter in the future

Having a pet can greatly increase morale and chances to better your life, though it comes with additional costs

You can watch the full birthday party here

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