A pregnant Pitbull close to her due date was suddenly abandoned by her careless owner on the side of the road, even though the dog still didn’t understand what was going on.

On a freezing evening, a man who had promised to love her forever abandoned a pregnant pitbull, causing a ripple of distress. This heartless act was captured on Lola’s security camera, and a group of compassionate individuals vowed to save her when they discovered that the dog was about to give birth.

Despite her condition, the pregnant pitbull was left alone, unaware of why her owner chose to abandon her that night. As he walked away callously, the poor dog wagged her tail and gazed at him, puzzled. The next day, three kind-hearted people approached her and offered their help. The pregnant pitbull seemed to understand that she was close to delivering her puppies, displaying a receptive attitude and welcoming their assistance.

Her expression was filled with sorrow, but she remained determined to protect her babies. Everyone provided her with nourishment before placing her in a car and taking her to the vet. It was evident that this pregnant pit bull needed urgent help, and everyone was eager to determine how far along she was.

Exhausted and frightened, the dog arrived at the clinic and simply yearned for rest. However, her large belly made it difficult for her to breathe. After a thorough check-up, she was allowed to rest, and the following day, an ultrasound was performed to assess the condition of her puppies.

Fortunately, the pregnant pitbull was in good health, and everything seemed normal, except for the imminent arrival of the puppies. The vet advised the woman who had rescued the dog to keep her calm until she gave birth. This pit bull had endured so much, but now she had found a compassionate woman who was willing to care for her and take responsibility.

After her water broke, the pregnant pitbull went into labor. With determination, she endured the pain and gave birth to five adorable puppies. The resilient mother protected her offspring and finally experienced a sense of security after the fear of being abandoned on the streets.

At one point, the unfamiliar sounds the puppies made frightened the courageous mother. Mistaking it for danger or thinking they were in distress, she became anxious. However, it was all a misunderstanding. After the ordeal of being abandoned without any regard, this pregnant pit bull could finally find happiness and safety alongside her puppies.

The woman who rescued her not only took care of the mother but also the precious lives she had brought into the world. Although she couldn’t keep all five puppies, she made a commitment to wait until they were older before finding them loving homes.

This pit bull demonstrated remarkable bravery and intelligence by placing her trust in the woman who provided the support she desperately needed for her babies.