A puppy, abandoned and suffering from a severe injury, is rescued from living in a cave infested with maggots, deprived of food and water, underscoring the dire conditions that some animals endure prior to being rescued.

Someone informed Kokkachi Shelter about a small puppy wounded around his stomach, so the volunteers team went there and checked at that time he was outside the cave but they doesn’t had anything in their hands to caught him.

Therefore, they went back to the shelter and took all the necessary items, such as cloth, milk, bags, etc. When he entered the cave and did not come out of the cave, the team came back. A bowl of milk was poured into a cave and placed outside for a few hours.

After few hours he came outside the cave,by the time they closed the cave with a wooden blocks. And caught the puppy and covered the wound with a cloth and took him to a veterinary clinic at Calicut .

The rescue operation was very hard, he always was going inside each time they tried to catch him. The cave was very big so it took a while to catch him.
Unfortunately the veterinary hospitals were not opened as it was a holiday. Finally they found a gentle doctor who accept to treat him, Dr shihabudheen he did all treatement without paying any thing.

After treatement they took the puppy into kokkachi ‘s shelter. “And he will be a part of kokkachi family”.

It took the puppy no time to recover, he was full of energy. From the moment they saw him, the shelter staff loved him. He had such beautiful eyes. Currently, the sweet puppy is in good health and enjoys every minute with his human friends, but he still needs a forever family…

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