A Puppy Dying In The Snow Is Alive Thanks To The Power Of Love And Attention.

A lady had no clue what she was in for when she responded to a call about a puppy on the edge of hypothermia.

The poor little creature was apparently shoved inside a cardboard box coated in snow to the point of freezing by a guy with a stone heart.

In freezing weather, a severely hypothermic little puppy was fighting for his life. The incidents took place in Arkhonskaya, Russia, a town famed for its high heat.

Tamara was devastated to see how anybody could harm such a delicate and fragile creature. The little guy would have perished in a matter of hours if she hadn’t responded to the call for help.Without hesitation, she took the little infant in her arms and gently carried him to a veterinarian clinic.

The puppy was in critical condition; his body temperature was so low that the vet couldn’t determine, he was breathing very softly, and he rarely moved.

They were unable to run any more tests to ascertain his real status since he was terribly dehydrated, his little body seemed weak, and he had no blood pressure.

Tamara volunteers at the Dublin Shelter animal rescue charity. These heroes took care of the little kid, and they were willing to go to any length to encourage the puppy to resist fate and save his life from then on.

He was given the name Joseph since the poor thing sorely needed a miracle to survive.

He was placed inside a heating pad at the clinic to help him restore his normal body temperature.

Although that started off as a decent idea, things became more problematic as his breathing got weaker and weaker.

A blood transfusion was critical for José. He’d have to stay in the hospital for a few days while the doctors waited for a miracle, but faith and hope are the last things to leave, and they’d never give up fighting.
He started to improve drastically after a few days.

“We were able to hear his voice, and finally some tests could be performed,” stated his rescuers.

They determined that his primary problem was not simply that he had arrived in a hypothermic state, but that he was riddled with parasites on the inside that were literally devouring him. This caused severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and overall weakness.

So they dewormed him immediately away, and José didn’t appear to want to give up, clinging to life from the minute he arrived at the clinic, despite his small size and vulnerable condition.

The next day, the puppy began to show signs of life, which was promising and optimistic for everyone.

Despite the fact that he was still in pain and needed IV treatment, which may be quite annoying for him, all of the veterinarians tried their utmost to make José trust and suffer as little as possible.

They quickly announced on their networks that José was doing fantastically well, thanks to his heroes’ self-sacrifice, who spared no effort to assure his recuperation, and, most importantly, thanks to the deep love with which they treated him.

It’s only a matter of time before the puppy, who was formerly cursed by a callous man, makes a complete makeover and finally obtains the love full of love that he has always deserved.

We heartily appreciate the woman who swiftly responded to the call for help; thanks to her, she rescued the life of this fragile animal whose fate had been determined. But, thanks to love, even the most obviously unfortunate creature may reject his own fate.

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