A tiny Yorkie, born by mistake and facing health challenges, finds the loving home he deserves moments before facing disposal.

A tiny puppy born by accident was about to be put down by his owner when he was rescued by a good rescuer. Toby was born with hydrocephalus and no rear legs due to an unintentional breeding. He was little 16 ounces and fit in the palm of your hand!

Toby’s original owner had him for 5 weeks before telling a friend that she had decided to put him down. Kit from Florida Yorkie Rescue was contacted since they assist dogs with specific needs, and she quickly accepted him. “Every life is worth living,” she said after saving Toby.

He acquired a tiny custom-made wheelchair and the medical care he required in a short period of time. “Toby knows he’s safe,” Kit stated, knowing Toby will require extensive medical care. He is aware that he is sought.”

“There’s a lot of [Yorkies] down here in Florida because it’s flat and condo living,” Kit remarked, “because it’s flat and condo living.” It’s a throwaway society, and when things get unpleasant, people don’t want to deal with them. I welcome any difficulties. I’m not claiming it’s simple because it isn’t. But I believe that every life is valuable.”

And Toby’s life was extremely valuable, and he knew it. Toby was surrounded by affection and care for two years. Toby will cross the Rainbow Bridge on September 11, 2023, according to Florida Yorkie Rescue.

“Our irreplaceable tiny courageous little boy died this morning in the emergency room,” Florida Yorkie Rescue stated on Facebook. “Among the many challenges he faced over the last two years, he died from an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure.” We’ve all lost our favourite mascot. We are devastated by our loss. God bless my sweet baby guy.”

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