A unique little dog was left at the family’s doorstep, and the small one truly craved affection.

When a veterinarian in Antigua saw a little puppy in a cardboard box on his porch, he knew she was unique. His heart was touched by the small puppy’s perpetual squint and furrowed brow.

The veterinarian contacted the local rescue Dogs and Cats of Antigua, who scooped up the stray and christened her Faith. She was hungry and blind, but they believed they could offer her a second chance at happiness.

“Normally, a special needs dog like Faith would be euthanized on the islands. “There are few adopters and no funds for care,” Faith’s foster mother, Kate Venezia, told The Dodo. “Antigua Dogs and Cats fostered her, paid her vet fees, and even persuaded the authorities to let her fly out early so she could receive adequate medical treatment in the United States.”

Faith’s foster mother was taken aback by her determination when she arrived to Venezia’s house.

“She was quite proficient at finding her way around the home,” Venezia added. “She was quite bold, yet she got about by smelling and banging into objects.”

“She is unfazed by anything,” she added. “If she runs into something, she just gets back up and starts running.”

Faith navigated Venezia’s house using her ears and nose, and she always ended up in her favorite location – right on top of her foster mom’s feet. “She adored people and desired to be with me at all times,” Venezia said. “She can tell when I’m close. She’ll push her nose up in the air and sniff around for me. If she hears someone making a disturbance in the next room, she will rush to them.”

Faith was judged fit to find her ultimate home after a thorough medical examination at the NYC-based rescue Animal Haven. And applications poured in as soon as the rescue posted her gorgeous photographs on Facebook.

Faith has come a long way to find safety, but there’s little question that the precious little dog will find someone who will always be at her side.

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