A viral video captures the adorable scene of dogs taking a bus ride to daycare, showcasing their delightful journey.

For a group of dogs in a small Alaskan town, their regular commute is just like everyone else’s: they wait for the bus, hop on, and cheerfully greet their buddies.

The video of the commuting pups has gone viral with almost 52 million views and nearly nine million likes on TikTok.

The video was posted by Mo Mountain Mutts, a Skagway, Alaska-based company co-owned by husband and wife team Mo and Lee Thompson. According to their Facebook account, the company is “Skagway’s dog walker, pet sitter, and family dog trainer. I specialize in trail dog pack walks and puppies.”

Watch the adorable video below:


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For Mo, it started by taking her friends’ dogs out on walks during her lunch break.

“I started working with some teachers at the school. And it just kind of was a ripple effect of, ‘Hey, I heard you’re really good with dogs. Can you help me?’’’ recalled Mo in an interview with Alaska Republic Media. “And then I needed a second pack walk because I started grouping dogs together by their personalities. So we had our morning crew and our afternoon crew. Then it just grew to the point where I needed some help from Lee.”

People are praising the polite pups who patiently wait for their ride. Once the bus doors open, they hop on, tails wagging, and are warmly greeted by their excited bus buddies with sniffs and licks.

And they don’t just sit in any spot.

“We have assigned seating, my regulars know where their seat is though,” Mo responded in the comments. And according to the owners, they bought the bus last winter so they can pick up and drop off their clients.

Once seated, the dogs wait to be strapped in for safety.

People are paw-sitively obsessed with the doggy bus.


The couple said that although they have no plans to expand operations, they do hope to make “a bit of extra money” through TikTok and YouTube and with online training sessions.

“I look in the rearview mirror of the bus as I’m driving sometimes,” said Lee. “And I see all the dogs back there. And I can’t believe we do this for a living.”

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