Against All Odds: Brave Puppy Defies Challenges, Transforms into a Happy, Healthy Dog.

Meet Kringle, a adorable pup who shows us what it means to be brave after he overcame the odds to survive and live gladly.

The puppy was located walking on a dirt road in Tijuana. Some people rushed to assist him and realized that he was injured seriously. So they contacted a rescue to ensure that the puppy was properly treated and cared for. After seeing the pup, a rescuer called Tracy instantly took him in.

In spite of being weak and painful, he never gave up and tried to eliminate for his life. Amazingly, he did well and began to healing his health. When he was completely healthy, Tracy came to pick him and took him home.


Kringle is a very, very brave little kid. He truly does not know any fear. He loves to cuddle and hug his mom. He loves her so much that he follows her everywhere.

His skin is now healing, but the burnt areas are still hairless. However, he still looks cool and cute. He is now being spoiled and loved by his mother. For him, this is the best thing that he will cherish all life.

After everything happened to him, he is still a cute and kind pup. He can forgive the actual species that hurt him. He also inspires and motivates everybody to never ever give up and maintain fighting.See the full video here:

Thank you Tracy and Saving Huey Foundation for informing Kringle’s story.

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