Anti-Poaching Heroes Save Baby Elephant From Mud Pit After Two Harrowing Days

A baby elephant has been saved by the courageous efforts of an anti-poaching group, the Bumi Hills Foundation, after being trapped in a mud pit for two days in the sweltering heat.

The team embarked on a rescue mission across Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, after local fishermen reported the plight of the trapped elephant.

Video footage shows the young elephant submerged in the pit while its frantic mother tries to dig it out using her foot.

Despite the mother’s desperate attempts, the baby elephant struggles to keep its head above the thick mud.

The baby elephant’s legs were completely submerged in the mud pit on the side of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Source: Daily Mail

When the rescuers approach in a boat, the agitated mother charges at them and splashes her trunk in the lake, signaling her distress.

The remote location of the incident made it challenging for the word to reach the rescuers, who were only alerted two days after the locals first spotted the trapped baby elephant.

To safely reach the baby, the rescuers had to sedate the protective mother using a dart gun. Once immobilized, the team cooled her down by spraying her with cold water and placing wet towels on her trunk.

Rescuers from the anti-poaching group, Bumi Hills Foundation, made their way over the lake in a boat. However, the distressed mother elephant splashed her trunk in the water as she defensively charged toward the group. Source: Daily Mail

In a bid to calm the mother down, the team sedated her using a dart gun. To cool the pair down, the rescuers pour cold water and put damp towels over their skin. Source: Daily Mail

Working diligently with spades, the rescuers dug the baby elephant out of the mud, all while it trumpeted in distress.

After half an hour, the team freed the baby using ropes tied around its stomach to haul it from the pit.

The heartwarming conclusion saw the mother and baby reunited as the mother got to her feet and walked off into the bushes with her child, both safe and sound, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Bumi Hills Foundation team.

The team attempted to wrestle the baby elephant from the sticky mud near the lake using their hands. Source: Daily Mail

More of the team come to the rescue and use spades to dig the frightened animal-free after being trapped there for two days. Source: Daily Mail


The team continued to pour cold water over its mother and desperately tried to scrape mud away from the elephant’s body. Source: Daily Mail

They tie a rope around the mammal’s body and haul it from the mud in a last attempt to save the elephant. Source: Daily Mail

Triumphant! The mother elephant stumbles to her feet after being sedated to find her offspring free from the mud. She wanders off into the bushes behind with her baby in tow


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