Blind, in pain, and hungry, she had given up on getting the assistance she required.

Blind, sore and hungry, she was resigned to leaving without receiving the help she needed

There is no greater legacy than leaving the world a bit better than it was when we came into it. Seeing an innocent animal suffering leads hundreds of individuals to become rescuers of innocent animals on the streets, or who are treated with disdain.

And it is that, when the heart is opened to the furry ones that need someone to protect them, there is a power that tugs us to save them. One of these exceptional ladies, a member of the Lucky Dog Refuge in the city of Stanford, Connecticut, United States, discovered a canine in a dreadful situation .

The fuzzy one called Halo lay curled up on a woodland floor . She had an utterly lost appearance, which signified that she was blind . Besides, she was famished. Luckily, the good will of this group of men and women made it possible for Halo to aspire to a fresh start in life.

Halo was truly in a dreadful condition, but, with a little tight care , loads of love, compassion and, yes, a few McDonald’s ice cream cones, the dog rose from her ashes and started to reveal herself exactly as she is. that is really .

According to a local media station, the young animal was left in the center of the greenery , on the ground in a ball, probably simply waiting for death to finally end suffering. His blindness was visible by the milky tone of his pupils.

One of the volunteers attempted to encourage her with some food so that she would get up on her own and leave the site on her own. By the time she stood up they discovered why she was so weak: Halo was just bones and skin .

Hence its name Halo, “halo” in Spanish , because the rescue team took the decision that, if the impossibility of treating her was near, they would put her to death with dignity. The fact is that she was suffering too much , clinging on. To them, it wasn’t fair to prolong out her misery.

“We felt it wasn’t worth it for her to endure more than she was suffering . If necessary, we would put her to sleep,” remarked a rescuer.

As if by a miracle, Halo started to advance little by little and to heal, with all the chances of living a regular life again. She joined a foster family to start her medical therapy .

According to Stacey, her foster mother, Halo’s health was quite bad when she came, yet no one at the shelter hesitated a second to assist her with anything.

Once she was ready to start moving, Halo leaned on Stacey, exhibiting immense delight in experiencing the love of human warmth, to whom she selflessly showed something she had never experienced. Hugs, kisses, caresses and snuggling are minimal between them.

“The dog made progress in her recuperation and is a very lively fluffy dog, loving of caresses and clever , despite her vision handicap. She likes eating up her favorite ice cream cones on the couch,” noted her caretaker.

This is excellent good news for everyone in the Animal Kingdom. We love to observe how another life is spared by a bunch of kind beings , entirely committed to safeguarding their well-being. Excellent folks!

From this platform, we aim to do our bit, not only aiding the young creatures that are on the road, but also increasing awareness in others so that the little that one can do multiplies and causes worldwide change.

Just as this small puppy was changed by the love she got beginning a new life, all the other abandoned furry ones may have a shot. Share this tale with a happy ending with your friends and family.

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