Capturing the Earliest Memories: Twin Babies’ Precious Moments

Watching a mother carry twins in her body, and then giving birth to two babies is beyond incredible. My heart flutters when I think about TWO little babies inside mama, sharing a warm and bonded long before these little ones see the light of day.


Birth Becomes Her photographs share with us some precious moments from the first moment, from the first minute below.

Spanish twins join hands


Nurses captured the moment when twins born in Spain joined hands shortly after birth in mid-May 2013. The touching photo of Daniel and Maria, who have been together since the beginning of their lives, went viral on social media.

The two little girls came out holding hands!


Twin sisters Liz and Beatriz share a hug shortly after their birth in the Brazilian municipality of Balneário Camboriú.

These two little sweeties are taking an herbal bath with their parents after birth.

Skin to skin with her babies! What a gorgeous mama and beautiful photo by First Embrace Photography.


It was the first time dad had done skin to skin in the operating room with twins at this institution.

Doctor and midwife work together to bring these twins earthside.

Her sisters were soothing her to console the wailing baby. This makes me feel everything.

I love how twins are always reaching for each other. A bond that is formed long before birth.

Home water birth of twins! We don’t see enough of this option!

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