Chubby Beagle Surrendered to Shelter for Weight Issues

Honey the Beagle was brought to the SPCA of Niagara County in New York with the intention of being put to sleep due to her excessive weight. The poor dog was immobile and had been stuck in a messy situation at her previous home. However, the full story of Honey’s journey holds some surprising twists and turns.

According to a post on Niagara SPCA’s Facebook page, Honey’s owner suffered from dementia and would often feed her multiple times without realizing it. Due to the lack of exercise and the repeated feedings, Honey’s weight skyrocketed to 68 pounds. The elderly woman believed that euthanasia was the only solution as she thought Honey’s quality of life was severely impacted.

According to the staff at Niagara SPCA, Honey’s condition was not something they could overlook. They wasted no time in giving her a bath, putting her on a controlled diet and exercise routine, and providing medication for her hypothyroidism. The results were impressive as Honey managed to shed five pounds within just one week!

From a post on Niagara SPCA’s Facebook page, it was shared how the dedicated workers and volunteers at the shelter went above and beyond to help Honey, a dog struggling to move. They utilized water therapy, specifically a water treadmill, to assist her. Additionally, she was provided with a support when outside to aid in her mobility. Thanks to their efforts, Honey began to shed excess weight and improve her condition.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly it all unfolded,” shared Sue Cable, a volunteer at the SPCA and loving foster dog parent, in an interview with NBC. “Once she settled in a home where she had space to roam, she just blossomed.”

Exciting news for all the Honey supporters – she is now up for adoption and ready to find her forever home through the foster-to-adopt program! Keep up the great work, Niagara SPCA! 

According to a post on the Niagara SPCA’s Facebook page, Honey has lost almost 40 pounds in just six months!

The adorable Beagle is almost at the perfect weight for adoption. The SPCA team is hoping she can shed another five pounds before she starts looking for her forever family.

Niagara SPCA had a happy ending for this lovely girl. From a difficult past to a new loving home thanks to the dedicated efforts of the compassionate staff at Niagara SPCA. Let’s spread the joy by sharing this heartwarming story with others! 

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