Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his dedication to abstain from applying any kind of pressure over his significant other.

Cristiano Ronaldo discloses his commitment to refrain from exerting any form of coercion over his son with regards to engaging in the sport of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo discloses his commitment to refrain from exerting any form of coercion over his son with regards to engaging in the sport of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his unwavering commitment to supporting his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., regardless of the future choices he makes as he matures.


In the Netflix series titled “I Am Georgina,” the Manchester United footballer discusses his relationship with his 11-year-old son, as portrayed by his girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez. According to a report by the BBC in 2010, Ronaldo maintained confidentiality regarding the identity of his son’s mother, and he possesses sole custody of his child.


In the inaugural episode of the documentary series “I Am Georgia,” Ronaldo, aged 36, reveals that he harbours aspirations for his eldest offspring to excel as a football player of remarkable calibre, contingent upon the condition of unwavering commitment to the sport. Nevertheless, Ronaldo asserted that he would never coerce his offspring into participating in the aforementioned activity.

“Only time will reveal,” Ronaldo expressed through People magazine. I will never pressure him. He will engage in activities of his own choosing.

Additionally, the speaker expressed their desire for both Cristianito and everyone else to experience happiness and have the freedom to make choices according to their personal preferences. I am willing to provide support in any manner.

The football player also underscored the significant role his wife has played in his own development as a more effective parent.


“The optimal course of action entails fostering the upbringing and education of children with the aim of cultivating an unwavering capacity for unconditional love,” he emphasised. Having a woman as a partner who provides stability and supports the education of the children is remarkable.

In addition to his 11-year-old son, Ronaldo has two twins, Eva Marie and Mateo, who are four years old. Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, the identity of the twins’ birth mother remains undisclosed.

In addition to Rodríguez, Ronaldo also has a daughter named Alana Martina, who is four years old. On Instagram in October, the couple announced that Rodríguez was pregnant.

Roпaldo expressed his joy and excitement as he announced on the social media platform Instagram that he and his partner are anticipating the arrival of two infants. Our hearts are filled with affection and anticipation as we eagerly await the opportunity to encounter you.


In an Instagram post uploaded in December, the couple disclosed that their forthcoming offspring will consist of both a male and a female. This post has a video showcasing the participation of all four of Ronaldo’s children in a balloon-popping activity, when two balloons were burst to reveal confetti of both blue and pink colours.

In the caption, he expressed the sentiment that life is where it commences and love is everlasting.

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