Defying the Odds: The Remarkable Journey of Cooper Twis

Tatiana and Krista Hogan are craniopagus twins who share a unique connection

The special connection between the two seven-year-olds also means they can see through each other’s eyes.

Their mother Felicia Hogan explains in the Channel 5 documentary Joined at The Head: Twin Life, that the siblings are “linked like this one big zipper that can’t be unzipped”.

It was discovered that the sisters have a unique brain structure – they share a neural bridge between their thalamus which regulates consciousness along with sensory and motor signals.

A piece of tissue ties their brain together which their family soon realised made the girls even more unique as they could watch television together with only one twin being able to see the screen.

Tests were done and the doctors found that both girls brains could process light signals even when one sister had her eyes covered.

The family also believe that Tatiana and Krista can share their thoughts, their grandfather explains: “They start giggling and you know they’re up to something and they haven’t said a word.

“Pretty soon after they will go and pull a prank and you know they are communicating we just don’t know how.”

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The world’s youngest craniofacial conjoined twins (Image:

Incredible Features / Barcroft Media)

The twins have defied the doctor’s expectations for survival, as the family were told early on not to expect the girls to be able to sit up let alone walk, run and play together.

Felicia said that abortion ‘was not an option’ and she would never change her decision to have Tatiana and Krista.

“It’s hard but I wouldn’t ever change it.

“I would go through it a million times if I could… In my next life if I could have this life I would choose it over everything.”

Doctors also discovered that as well as controlling their own body, both girls can each control each other’s legs and arms.

In the documentary it’s explained they will never lead independent lives because of their connection and as their mother Felicia says will have to learn to live with each other, despite sometimes arguing and disagreeing on different foods.

The girls’ parents say they don’t want to hold their daughters back, and despite people always questioning whether they can be separated she wants others to see them normal children.

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“I still see people look at them like they are freaks, like they shouldn’t be here.

“People need to see these little girls are amazing for who they are.”

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