Dog Subjected to Deliberate Fire Attack by 12-Year-Old Boy Despite Its Compassionate Nature

Buddy the Labrador Retriever mix is ​​getting better after a long journey. Buddy is returning to life after a 12-year-old boy set fire to him while wandering in the street. No one knows why the boy did this, but it caused severe burns and pain to the poor dog. It was found wandering on the streets of Mississippi on April 22 with an extension cord wrapped around its neck and face. on fire.

Now he has third and fourth degree burns on his face. Although Buddy endured cruelty, he was still the cutest dog. He is not a bad dog, like many other rescued abused canines. Sandy Williams, shelter director of the Tunica Humane Society, told the Clarion Ledger, “He’s a nice, forgiving dog.” “I’m not sure how he’s done it and preserved his delicate heart, but he has. He’s going to make someone a fantastic dog.”

Investigators acknowledged the fact that a 12-year-old child injured Buddy after being offered a prize of over $ 10,000 in information about the case. However, due to age, they cannot be subject to criminal penalties for abuse under state law.

This has angered many online, especially after seeing how adorable Buddy is on local newscasts. Georgia Sherry Webb has launched a petition for buddy justice on, and as of Tuesday, nearly 128,000 signatures have ensured that the dog is guaranteed the justice he deserves.


“Anyone who does this to a helpless animal must face consequences,” Webb said on the petition. “The child need time in a prison center as well as long-term psychological counseling, and the parents should pay for the intensive medical care required to rehabilitate this terrible animal.”

Webb went on to say that these types of crimes can help save many lives by rehabilitating youth to future perpetrators who have committed more violent crimes in individuals.“This petition is a plea for reform — for a law that protects the culprit rather than the victim,” Webb wrote. “At the age of twelve, a youngster understands what is good and wrong. He is a menace to society because of the horrible crime he committed.”

Buddy was treated by a veterinarian at Mississippi State University Veterinary College after the event. According to Clarion Ledger, he has undergone two skin graft procedures and is expected to transplant more layers in future procedures. Buddy is making amazing progress, according to his treating Dr. Elizabeth Swanson. Swanson told Clarion-Leisure that “everything is moving along well.”“The mending is far above our expectations, therefore we are quite pleased.”

Despite the fact that Buddy continued to suffer burns as a result of Incident , many families contacted the shelter in hopes of adopting him after he was cured. The road to recovery may be long, but it is certain that these puppies will find the perfect home when the time comes.

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