Elephant Escapes Canal Using Ingenious Rope Ladder Created by Rescuers

An innovative rope ladder saved a 25-year-old elephant from a canal in Welikanda, eastern Sri Lanka, as captured in a dramatic video.

Wildlife officials from the Department of Wildlife Conservation sprung into action to help the stranded elephant.

The footage reveals the elephant struggling to climb a slippery slope along the canal’s bank.


Despite several attempts, the elephant couldn’t get its hind legs out of the water and had to retreat back into the canal.

The elephant, estimated to be 25 years old, tries to clamber up a rope ladder made for him by wildlife officials in Welikanda near Polonnaruwa, eastern Sri Lanka. Source: Daily Mail

In response, rescuers used firecrackers to guide the elephant towards a specially designed ladder made from ropes, sticks, and tires. Upon reaching the ladder, the elephant started to pull its massive body out of the water.

During the six-hour rescue mission, the distressed elephant made multiple attempts to lift itself out of the water and secure its grip on the rope ladder.

Finally, after several tries, the elephant successfully climbed the ladder and reached dry land. The inspiring moment of the elephant’s escape was captured on December 8.

Wildlife rescuers craft a ladder made with rope and tyres in an effort to try and assist the elephant out of the water. Source: Daily Mail


Rescuers use firecrackers to move the elephant along the canal and closer to the rope ladder. Source: Daily Mail

The elephant initially struggles to clamber out of the canal and continues to slip back into the water. Source: Daily Mail

The elephant eventually manages to grab hold of the specially designed rope and arrive back on dry land. Source: Daily Mail


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