Encounter Narwhal, the rescued pup sporting a unique tail sprouting from his forehead, affectionately dubbed the ‘Unicorn.’

All dogs are perfect, but Narwhal, a 10-week-old golden retriever, is exceptionally special. The puppy has a cute “unicorn” tail sprouting from his brow.

Narwhal and another dog were discovered outdoors in the extreme weather last week. Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, stepped forward to rescue Narwhal as soon as she heard about him.

Steffen told The Dodo, “We were tagged in a social media call for aid since he was exceptional and had been dumped.” “All of my friends and other rescues know how much I like the difficult cases.”

It was love at first sight for Steffen when he saw Narwhal: “I melted,” he remarked. “I honestly grinned so much because his happiness lights up the entire room.” His butt tail never stops wagging — pity his face tail doesn’t!”

Narwhal’s additional tail is an unusual congenital abnormality that is one-third the size of his normal tail. X-rays reveal that the tail is formed of skin and hair and is not attached to anything else. “It just hangs down like a strand of Superman’s hair,” Steffen explained.

Narwhal is entirely healthy, save from a case of worms that may be cured with medicine. And his unique tail will remain – for the time being. “There is no medical need to remove it at this moment, and it does not affect him,” Steffen explained. “He has no idea he’s unique.”

The carefree pooch is presently residing at Steffen’s home and enjoys being handled and kissed.

“He likes humans and romps around with the other dogs,” Steffen explained. “He prefers the adult dog we rescued him with and another Chihuahua mix named Ash.” They play in a huge mass!”

Narwhal will begin his quest for a forever home in a few months. But for the time being, Steffen is keeping an eye on him and making sure his additional tail doesn’t come in the way of his experiencing life to the fullest.

And the enchanted unicorn puppy is overjoyed.

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