ENGLAND striker Marcus Rashford was lucky to escape injury in a late-night crash in his £700,000 Rolls-Royce

The 2-year-old Manchester United star’s white motor was wrecked after a collision with a car driven by a gran, 74.

Marcus Rashford was lucky to escape injury in a late-night crash in his £700,000 Rolls-Royce

Rashford’s Rolls-Royce knocked down a traffic light camera post in the crashCredit: Zenpix

The 2-year-old Manchester United star’s white motor was wreckedCredit: Getty

After the incident near United’s training complex at around midnight, she was quite shaken but unharmed.

In the collision, Rashford’s Rolls-Royce overturned a traffic light camera post.

The England star was on his way home after his team’s 1-0 Premier League victory at Burnley when he just left United’s training facility in Carrington.

His 2-ton truck, which has a top speed of 1 mph, was thrown into the post as a result of the collision.

A source said: “Both drivers were badly shaken.

“Marcus immediately checked to see if the woman was okay and swapped details.”

Maintenance engineer Peter Laycock, 36, caught the aftermath of the accident on his mobile phone after arriving at the scene at around 12.20am.

Peter said: “There were loads of police blocking the road asking cars to turn around because there was debris all over the road.

“I could see guys in United clothes who must have come from the training ground. There were a lot of bystanders saying, ‘It’s ­Marcus Rashford’s car’.”

As hazard lights flashed, video showed his car with pieces of the back bumper ripped off and scattered on the side of the road.

Both drivers were breathalyzed by police.

Police decided not to call an ambulance since the female driver indicated she did not want to go to the hospital, and no arrests were made.

The players had just returned by coach to United’s Aon training complex when the tragedy occurred in a 40 mph zone on Carrington Spur.

Carrington Spur was littered with debris from the crashCredit: The Sun

Rashford was driving this £700,000 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith home from CarringtonCredit: Eamonn and James Clarke

Another source said: “The woman was on her way home from baby­sitting her grand-daughter. She’s a cautious, careful driver and even more so when it’s raining — which it was.

“The impact caused the airbags to go off. She was very, very shaken and confused. She’s not a football fan and didn’t have any idea who Marcus Rashford is.”

Bruno Fernandes, the club captain, quickly arrived and checked on both his teammate and the senior citizen.

The club physician at United examined Rashford and offered the 55-year-old grandmother medical assistance.

Club representatives arranged for a cab to drive her the one mile home.

Rashford was granted a leave of absence from training as her three children reportedly planned to visit the hospital for a checkup.

And in a post on Instagram which referred to United’s away win, the striker wrote: “3 points on the road! I’m alright guys thanks for the messages.”

Gtr Manchester Police did not respond to requests for comment.Rashford bought the Roller in July, adding it to two others as part of a £3million fleet.

United said: “Marcus is fine. It was an accidental collision, Thankfully, both were uninjured.”

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