Having Rescued Her Son, She Attained Tranquility and Passed Away Peacefully.

Viktor Larkhill and his rescue team were asked to assist a sick dog.

They discovered that his mother was with him but had been left behind. When they began looking for her, they discovered her curled up on an old sofa in a nearby abandoned house.


When rescuers got to her, she was so sick that she couldn’t even move. Her fur was completely gone due to a terrible skin disease that left her scabbed and bleeding.

She was literally on the verge of death and had given up. She lay down to die knowing her son was safe. Fortunately, it was the start of a new life for her.



Rescue workers brought her and her son to the hospital, where Helen and Oscar were named.

Helen and Oscar looked brand new after months of special care and treatment. Their fur grew back and their wounds healed completely.



Helen was later adopted by a caring family and is completely spoiled and loved. Oscar was also adopted.


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