Heartbroken and in labor, she crawls into a dreadful backyard to give birth, facing challenging circumstances.

Lexus had nowhere to go when she went into labor. She crept to a dilapidated backyard and wept all night while giving birth to her pups. Lexus was seen by a family that phoned “Hope For Paws.”

Lexus grew terrified when the rescuers arrived in the backyard and shone a light on her. The neighbors, on the other hand, worked together to keep Lexus below acceptable bounds. Because time was running out, the rescue professionals raced to the location where she gave delivery as soon as possible.

When the dog rescuers arrived at the mound of pups on the ground, they were heartbroken. One of them had already died, but the others were barely alive. Lexus was stricken with sadness when the humanitarians informed her that one of her puppies had died. She gradually recognized, however, that the people were there to help her and her remaining puppies.

When the distraught mother dog was carrying Lexus to the shelter, she was nursing her surviving pups when she felt a sharp stinging in her tummy. Lexus had ingested a metal bottle cap, according to an X-ray. To avoid starvation, the poor child had been hunting for food in trashcans and eating anything in sight.

Lexus couldn’t have surgery since she was still nursing her puppies. The rescuers had to force her to puke and help her remove all of the junk from her stomach. She felt a lot better after that!

It’s fantastic to see Lexus and her pups in the final footage!

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