In a poignant plea, a distraught mother dog seeks assistance to save her ailing puppy, underscoring the deep maternal instincts and emotions animals experience.

As they safeguard and care for their children at all costs, moms’ love has no boundaries.

She was thus quite distressed when Animals Aid Unlimited spotted her since her child was in danger of passing away. Rescuers transported the dog, which was unconscious, right away to the hospital for medical attention.

He received IV drips to stabilize and was treated for life-threatening hypothermia!

Fortunately, he had no broken bones and his puncture wound had been treated. Thankfully, he emerged from his coma the next morning!

Snuggler, the dog, is improving every day. He even started eating by himself a week later!

The moment he gets reunited with his mother and siblings will be the finest! A heartfelt reunion! How adorable! See the video down below.

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