In the Shelter, Cats Tenderly Offer Massages to a Blind Dog, Providing the Gentle Care It Requires.

Tam is one of the most senior residents at Morocco’s Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir (SARA) and has been at the farm for nine years. Tam and his sibling, Daccia, suffer from Ehler-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a rare connective tissue illness. Their skin is very fragile, and they have superficial scars all over. Tam is also blind.

Tam does not let his disabilities hold him back. He loves to play and is very friendly. In fact, the cats at the rescue seem to be drawn to him, and when Tam decides to take a nap, one can never doubt that a cat or two won’t be curled up next to him.

A cat name Elodie and her other feline friends recognize that Tam needs some special care and seem to take turns massaging the pup.

Check out the following clip:

“They graciously gift him with moments of gentle care and unwavering affection.”

Tam was born at the shelter, and while the other puppies in his litter had been adopted, Tam and Daccia remained because of their Ehlers-Danlos diagnoses. The two dogs are extremely bonded, and their best play times occur when they first wake up, and then another spurt of fun ignites just before they turn in for the night. To the people Tam knows, he is very friendly, but because of his blindness, he is very cautious around strangers.

SARA is comprised of three refuges that take in senior, sick dogs as well as recently rescued dogs ready to be adopted. In addition, they also serve as a shelter for nearly 200 homeless cats.

As for Tam, he has a wonderful life, and we’re sure he’s going to be massaged and loved by all of his feline friends. We all have so much to learn from these unselfish acts of kindness from our animal friends.

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