“It seems that he doesn’t even have the strength anymore”: Abused dog spends day and night chained outside a house
“It seems that he doesn’t even have the strength anymore”: Abused dog spends day and night chained outside a house

Dogs are living beings that, like humans, need to be respected for their integrity, yet some people overlook the reality that animals feel and suffer in the same ways that humans do. As a result, those irresponsible people don’t care that a pet is having a hard time and expose it to brutal treatment, which should never happen.

Fortunately, just as there are evil individuals, there are also some who cannot go on when they witness a furry buddy being harmed and file a report or attempt to assist in some manner.

That is what happened in the case of this dog in Callao, Peru, near Lima, the capital, when animal rescuer Sarita Saume highlighted the situation of a puppy being mistreated by its owners.

This dog was chained with a chain outside a house, as seen in the video he published on his TikTok social network account, with no freedom to walk or even sit comfortably. Of course, no one walked him, but he had to walk in both rain and sun.

As a result, Sarita encouraged her followers to publicize her complaint in order for it to reach the authorities. “Share, you must push, this dog is chained 24 hours a day, he can hardly stand up, and he doesn’t even have a rag to sit on.” He has no space to maneuver. If he goes viral every time, he could make the press “She penned a letter.

“Where are the Peruvian animal protection organizations?” He used to bark more violently, but it appears that he no longer has the strength “the activist added

@sarita.saume compartan , hay que presionar  este perrito está amarrado día y noche y apenas puede pararse y ni trapito tiene para sentarse. No tiene espacio para.mpverse. Si se hace viral siempre a lo mejor llega a las noticias #dulce #catlover #fy #hondje #streetdogs #perritosabandonados #puppies #homeless #tendencia #cute #viral #parati #perritos #foryou #cutedogs #perrostiktokers #mascotas #homelessdog #callejeritos #animalistas ♬ Dancing With Your Ghost – Sasha Alex Sloan

Many others joined in her support since, as shown in the photographs she posted, this dog was in severe condition and barked furiously, as if he was bored of life in that position.