Kelly Osbourne Will Never ‘Forgive’ Boyfriend Over ‘Biggest Fight’ About Son’s Name

A split of Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson and their baby

Kelly Osbourne opened up about a significant disagreement with her boyfriend, musician Sid Wilson, regarding their 1-year-old son’s last name, expressing that she can “never, ever forgive” him for it.

During an episode of the “Osbournes” podcast, Kelly shared that the disagreement over their son’s last name was the biggest fight they’ve ever had, revealing that she wanted their son, Sidney, to have both of their last names, but her boyfriend disagreed.

Despite feeling forced into a decision she didn’t want, Kelly expressed that after eye-opening conversations and couples therapy, they’ve decided to legally change their son’s name to include both of their last names.

Kelly emphasized the importance of both parents’ last names being represented, stating that they both contributed to their child’s existence.

The discussion extended to the Osbourne family dynamics, with Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, and father, Ozzy Osbourne, weighing in on the issue. Sharon criticized the traditional practice of giving only the father’s last name to a baby, while Ozzy agreed, highlighting the changing role of women in society.

Kelly also expressed frustration with the tradition of naming babies after their fathers, noting that her son shouldn’t be the fourth generation when his great-grandfather’s name was Fred, not Sid.

Sharon emphasized the importance of individuality, stating that babies shouldn’t be designated as “the second” or “the third” and should instead be given a name that suits them.

Kelly admitted that the disagreement over their son’s last name was the only major fight they’ve had but expressed her love for her baby sharing his father’s first and middle names.

Despite her inability to forgive her boyfriend for the disagreement, Kelly expressed a willingness to move forward, acknowledging the importance of compromise in their relationship.

Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson, who have been friends for years, went public with their relationship in January 2022, and their son Sidney was born in November 2022.

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