Paralyzed Dog Who Wasn’t Supposed To Walk Gets Up And Runs.

The brave team at Animal Aid Unlimited India have yet again pulled off another incredible rescue, but this time there is a miracle involved.


They got a call to rescue a street dog who was so badly injured that he could not even stand up. When his rescuers arrived, he lifted his head in gratitude, but was unable to move.


There were flies swarming around his back legs andthe team was unsure why. But when they picked the dog up to get him to stand, his back legs gave in. They realized that there was a large, infected wound on the pup’s backside that was causing the paralysis.


Once they arrived at the Animal Aid hospital, they took care of his infection, cleaning it and taking off the dead skin.


The team then dressed his wound and started physical therapy, hoping to help the pup to walk again. They named him Sidney and gave him constant attention and care.


Two weeks later, he took his first, shaky steps, but the damage to his spine was very serious. However, the pup never gave up trying.


And then Sidney surprised everyone when he felt so much better that he started running. He is not paralyzed, and now he has a loving home andother dogs to play with.


You can donate the the great team of Animal Aid Unlimited India, and help them help more street dogs like Sidney, who deserve a second chance at life.


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