Sweet Canine Affection: Dog Insists on Cuddling Dad in Water for the Most Heartwarming Reason.

Navó, a loving pup in the Netherlands, is always ready for an adventure with his family. His favorite activity is swimming, but even the most daring thrill seekers can get frightened at times, especially when water is involved.


When Navó is scared, his father encourages him by giving him a big hug, which is also Navó’s favorite way of showing affection.

According to Navó’s mom, Nathalie Weusten, Navó loves embracing because he wants to feel comfortable and ensure the safety of his family. Navó feels most secure when he is near one of his family members, especially when swimming, as he thinks they might be in danger if they are too far away. Navó is good at swimming and loves doing it, but he also loves being cuddled, which makes him feel safe and loved.

Navó’s father, Donald Hillebregt, is a triathlete who likes to bring Navó to his training sessions whenever possible. Navó is always eager to join in and spend time with his loved ones. When he’s not swimming, Navó enjoys playing fetch and observing the world around him. He is a very social dog who gets along well with everyone.

Navó has quickly become the perfect pet for his family. When Hillebregt is training or competing in races, Navó provides Weusten with much-needed company and companionship. Navó and Weusten are inseparable, and she loves him so much. Navó is literally her dream come true.

In conclusion, Navó is a wonderful dog who loves his family and enjoys spending time with them. His love for swimming and cuddling with his family members shows his affectionate nature and his desire to ensure their safety and comfort. Navó is a perfect example of the joys and rewards of having a loving and loyal pet.

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