Texan Man’s Viral Fame: The Heartwarming Story of 13 Golden Retrievers”


Managing 13 Golden Retrievers is certainly a monumental task, but for Collin Standon, it’s a labor of love that brings him immense joy and fulfillment. Starting with just three dogs, Collin’s furry family expanded when two of his Goldens had a litter of puppies. Refusing to separate the pups, he kept them all, leading to a total of 13 dogs under his care.

Despite the challenges that come with such a large pack, including the hefty food bill and grooming responsibilities, Collin embraces the daily upkeep with enthusiasm. He finds happiness in providing a loving home for his canine companions and considers the chaos of having 13 Goldens around as nothing short of blissful.

Collin and his furry family have gained significant attention on social media platforms like TikTok, where their adorable antics have garnered a large following. While some may be daunted by the idea of managing so many energetic pups, others admire Collin’s dedication and the joy he finds in caring for his beloved dogs.

In the end, managing 13 Golden Retrievers requires patience, commitment, and a deep love for animals. While it may not be suitable for everyone, for Collin, it’s a dream come true.

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