The concerned mama dog seeks out rescuers, imploring them to save her babies, demonstrating her determination and placing her trust in humans for assistance.

Northeast Animal Rescue received a call regarding a stray female dog who was seen wandering near an overpass. Locals would see her from time to time, walking on the roadside, waiting for food from passersby.

When rescuers arrived, they realized that she was a nursing mother. Now the rescue went from saving one dog to saving however many puppies she had.

The mama dog was very nervous but she knew that rescuers were there to help, so she decided to lead them to her babies.

They followed her to a culvert pipe that the puppies were hiding inside. Once mom brought rescuers to her five babies, she wagged her tail and knew that they were finally safe for the first time.

The mom went into the pipe, and rescuers thought she would carry her puppies out herself, but she turned around and walked back toward the rescuers.

One of the rescuers, named Will, was able to crawl inside the pipe and gently grab all of the puppies – three girls and two boys.

They brought the puppies and mama back to their rescue, fed them, and kept them warm.

They decided to name the mama dog Sierra, who the rescued described as a “responsible and competent mom.”

They named the puppies Holly, Willow, Magnolia, Alder, and Parker. Thanks to Sierra, all of her puppies are now safe!

Watch their rescue below:

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