The dog sits on the bench, awaiting its grim fate with nothing more than a bone infested with ticks.

We can’t deny that feral dogs have a miserable life , many live the days waiting for it to be the last time to be able to rest in peace after so much pain.

Our main character is one of the puppies on the verge of death, fortunately someone took pity on his misfortune and called the local rescue team to help him .

Animal Aid Unlimited approaches where the dog is resting

The helpless creature was a small, tick-covered lump of bones , clearly in need of medical attention.

When the rescuers arrived at the place, they couldn’t believe the state the dog was in. How can someone be indifferent when we see a being pleading for help?

One of the rescuers came over and gave him a cookie.

The volunteers carefully approached offering him some treats to gain his trust and let him know he was in good hands. The sweet little dog didn’t run, on the contrary, she seemed relieved to have someone next to her.

The dog ate all the biscuit they gave her and then they covered her with a blanket to transfer her to the canine  care center where she would begin a long treatment.

At the Animal Aid sanctuary, the vet performed several tests.

When they arrived at the sanctuary, the vet had everything ready to give her all the attention she needed, it is inevitable not to look at the sad and painful sight of the dog .

This further moved her rescuers who were willing to save her and change her life. The dog’s skin was very weak, as a result of mange it was cracked and she had little fur.

They named the dog Shimmer.

What worried her rescuers the most was the great problem of scabies that sweet Shimmer had, if her life was not attacked, her life was at risk. She was given a series of antibiotics and dewormers intravenously .

The dog was shy but little by little she was letting go with the rescuers who became her angels. For the first time in a long time, she enjoyed a good plate of protein and nutrient-based food .

He also received topical antibiotics and medicated baths.

Due to her severe scabies problem, Shimmer received curative baths every day , she kindly stayed still and allowed herself to be attended to by those people who only wanted to see her happy and running healthy.

Her confidence grew over time, her rescuers became her friends and she revealed her true essence, playful and full of joy .

Shimmer is a happy dog who enjoys running with the other puppies at the shelter.

It was only a matter of time, a lot of dedication and infinite love for Shimmer to heal completely. She is now a completely healthy dog and grateful for this second chance they gave her.

Here you can see the details of this hard story but with a happy ending

For many people, Shimmer was just a dog that had to di‌e, but these animal lovers took it upon themselves to completely transform their lives . Thanks to all the volunteers for giving her life back and making her happy.

Organizations like this deserve our full support. Please share this note in your networks and encourage yourself to collaborate with the nearest local shelter. There are so many lives to be saved and puppies waiting to be loved.

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