The Enchanting Feline with Heterochromia Captivates Online Audiences


A cat named Niu Nai, meaning “milk” in Mandarin, has become an internet sensation thanks to her unique feature of having two different-colored eyes. Niu Nai’s owner, Clare Zheng, shared videos and pictures of her beloved pet on social media, which quickly gained attention and went viral. Hailing from China, Niu Nai is classified as “odd-eyed” due to her heterochromia, a genetic condition that results in the iris having different colors. This adorable black cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye has captured the hearts of people around the world, making her an Instagram star. Clare Zheng, who resides in China, spoke exclusively to INSIDER and shared insights about her popular feline companion. Niu Nai’s uniqueness and charm have made her a beloved celebrity on social media platforms, transcending borders and cultures.


Niu Nai, the adorable little cow kitten, loves showing off for the camera. In one of her recent photos, she strikes a charming pose that captures everyone’s attention. It’s intriguing to notice that despite all kittens being born with blue eyes, Niu Nai has a unique characteristic known as heterochromia. This condition occurs when a particular gene hinders the distribution of melanin to one of the eyes during the development stage, resulting in a change of color to green, yellow, or brown, as shared by

Fortunately, heterochromia doesn’t have any detrimental effects on vision and is not considered a medical concern. In some of Niu Nai’s photos, one of her eyes may even appear slightly reddish. Regardless of this minor anomaly, Niu Nai continues to captivate and delight everyone with her adorable presence.

red eye

Niu Nai, the adorable little cat with mismatched eyes, has a touch of fiery red in one of her blue eyes when captured in photographs. According to insights from, this unique phenomenon occurs because of the presence of melanin, a pigment that can suppress certain hues of light, over the blue eye. Zheng, the proud owner of Niu Nai, shared with INSIDER that this charming feline is currently three and a half years old.


Niu Nai, the adorable milk cow with wings, made quite the impression on Zheng as a friend gifted it to them. Zheng described Niu Nai as a laid-back little companion who finds sheer delight in indulging in food and never missing a chance to catch up on some quality sleep.


Niu Nai, the adorable little cow, boasts a unique trait with her different-colored eyes. Her owner, Zheng, mentioned to INSIDER that she has a disinterest in typical cat toys. On Niu Nai’s Instagram, you can find a delightful array of photos featuring her enjoying baths and donning charming costumes, which has garnered immense love and admiration from users.


Niu Nai, a delightful little cow named after milk, is all dressed up in a super adorable panda costume. The image, shared on Weibo under the username 牛奶小奶牛, instantly captured the hearts of thousands with its undeniable cuteness. And that’s not all – Niu Nai also has quite a following on Instagram, where their account @milkyblvck boasts an impressive 34.5k followers. It’s no wonder Niu Nai is melting hearts wherever they go!


Niu Nai, the adorable little calf, is enjoying a delightful bath accompanied by a charming rubber duck. This heartwarming scene, captured by the popular Weibo account Niu Nai taking a bath, has gained a considerable following since its launch in March. Niu Nai’s captivating eyes have captivated the hearts of many, attracting a rapidly growing number of devoted followers. Interestingly, Zheng, Niu Nai’s caretaker, reveals that this lovable bovine isn’t apprehensive of unfamiliar faces and relishes the positive attention she receives.


Niu Nai’s mesmerizing eyes. 牛奶小奶牛 / Weibo
“Ever since I came across this adorable creature, my life has been filled with immense happiness. Thank you for existing!! ✨,” expressed crashandbang1993, an enthusiastic Instagram user.
“Look at this perfectly round and enchanting kitty,” marveled sleepersvoid, another user on Instagram.

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