The individual who cruelly taped his dog’s mouth for 36 hours has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for animal abuse.

Animal cruelty has no place in this world. Dogs are some of the most loyal and kindest creatures, and here’s no reason at all to hurt them. Two years ago, a dog went through the toughest days of her young life. The dog’s name is Caitlyn and her mouth was taped shut for 36 hours straight, wrapped nine times with electrical tape. Fortunately, a neighbor saw Caitlyn’s condition and immediately called Animal Control, who took the poor dog to Charleston Animal Shelter. This cruel act could’ve caused serious damages to the dog’s sinus cavity and tongue, but fortunately the veterinarians took extra care in removing the tape and Caitlyn was able to make a full recovery.
William Dodson, the man who’s responsible for taping Caitlyn’s mouth shut, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Five of those are for animal cruelty, that’s the maximum possible penalty for animal abuse, and even the judge stated that he wished he could give him more. The overall 15-year penalty Dodson will serve are for a weapons possession charge.

There’s absolutely no reason at all to hurt animals. They’re some of the most loyal and loving creatures in this world.

A dog named Caitlyn suffered for 36 hours because her mouth had been taped shut, wrapped nine times with electrical tape.

A neighbor saw her and called Animal Control.

She was taken to the Charleston Animal Shelter, where veterinarians treated her with extra care.

Veterinarians were able to save Caitlyn’s sinus cavity and tongue.

William Dodson, the man who taped her mouth, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Five of those are for the animal cruelty he committed when he taped Caitlyn’s mouth.

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