The moment a kitten realizes that it’s going to its forever home is truly magical, spreading joy and happiness to everyone around, as hearts are filled with warmth and delight

Rescuing an animal is one of the most divine acts of love. When you serve something for the sake of someone’s life, happiness becomes double and contagious. If the definition of the same ol’ love might burden you in some kind of way, let’s take a brighter look now!


Zilara once shared a picture of a kitten who was rescued by her brother-in-law. And heck, look at how affectionate and grateful the cat is! The cat knew exactly who had saved him from the distress and he knew whom he belonged with.

“My sister and brother-in-law rescued a kitten. Look at how happy he is!” – Zilara said.

The photo was too beautiful to be hidden in the camera roll. Animals cannot speak, but they know how to say it and penetrate their deep love and gratitude into your soul.

After bringing the kitty home, they named him Kaya. Zilara’s brother-in-law and Kaya bonded steadfastly, nothing could shake their wholesome bromance.

“He and my brother-in-law got along so well and have been inseparable ever since.” – She said.

Kaya is bigger and such a personality now. Hopefully, Kaya the smiley kitty will be smothered by a lot of love to cover up his traumatic past.


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