The oldest child showed a willingness to surpass Ronaldo in the future.


Ronald’s son has been passionate about football from childhood.

Currently, the boy is occasionally referred to as “Crιstιaпιпho,” a term that translates to “Little Christiaп.” The rationale behind this is that fathers and sons share numerous similarities, including their proficiency at playing football. Ronaldo himself expresses contentment with this outcome, prepared to overcome the successor of the young individual.


Ronald was introduced to football by his father during his formative years.

We will assess whether our child has the potential to excel as a professional football player. He exhibits promising qualities. The individual in question possesses notable speed and proficiency, yet these attributes alone do not suffice. I consistently encouraged my significant other to exert diligent effort. In order to achieve success. I do not exert any pressure on Kam to pursue a career as a football player. “However, I desire for it to occur,” expressed Roпald.

The individual known as Roпald Jr exhibits favourable circumstances for optimal development. The individual would frequently visit the backyard to observe his father’s athletic competitions, gradually becoming accustomed to the movements and techniques employed on the playing field.

In particular, the individual also had the opportunity to join the youth teams of renowned European football clubs such as Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United, which are recognised as prominent training centres.


The young individual, Roпald Jr, is currently dedicating his time to training with the youth team of Real. The individual demonstrates exceptional proficiency in scoring.


Ronald Jr’s goal scoring talent is really commendable. As the boy’s paternal figure, it can be observed that he consistently has a remarkable ability to score goals whenever he participates in a sporting event.

According to journalist Edu Corñago, Ronaldinho Jr. spent a period of time in Madrid where he achieved a remarkable feat of scoring 50 goals in 20 matches for the U14 club. Upon joining the Juvetus youth team, he shown remarkable performance by achieving a total of 58 goals and 17 assists in a mere 23 games. In every game, the elder Ronald will achieve a goal tally ranging from 2 to 3. On each occasion that he successfully scores a goal, the young individual consistently commemorates the distinctive “sιᴜᴜ” celebration, which has become synonymous with his father. Mrs. Dolores, the mother of Ronald, admitted that her grandson exhibits superior skills in the sport compared to CR7.


Ronaldo Jr. replicates the commemorative event of his father.

In addition to possessing a formidable killer instinct, Ronald Jr. also demonstrates the requisite physical attributes that make him a promising candidate for excelling as a striker. According to certain sources, it has been reported that the height of the boy is currently estimated to be around 1.70 metres. There are numerous commitments that are expected to experience substantial growth in the upcoming years.


When Ronald was transferred to Saudi Arabia to pursue his professional career, his son also accompanied him and is currently actively participating in Al Nassr’s youth team. Despite frequently having to change his work environment, the youngster demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt and assimilate rapidly.


Recently, it has been revealed by Georgia, who is Ronald’s longstanding partner, that the children are have a positive and enjoyable time in their new country.

Ronald Jr. has made significant progress in the field of football and requires sufficient time to react and adapt. Regardless of the circumstances, it is anticipated that the child would possess the ability to not only attain but also surpass the accomplishments established by CR7. Ronald expressed his son’s desire to continue playing football together for a few more years by stating, “Dad, let’s engage in the sport for an extended period, as I am eager to partake in football alongside you.”


Little Ronald Jr. aspires to engage in a game of football alongside his father in the future.

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