The oldest dog in the world just turned 31

Bobi, the Portuguese dog recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest dog in the world, has just celebrated his 31st birthday.


Bobi will turn 31 on May 11 and will celebrate a birthday party on May 20 at his owner’s house in Conqueiros, a town in southern Portugal.


Bobi owner Leonel Costa said it would be a “very traditional” Portuguese party, with more than 100 people attending and a dance company invited to perform.


According to Costa, Bobi has received a lot of attention since Guinness World Records declared him the world’s oldest dog in February. “Many journalists and people from all over the world came to take photos with Bobi,” Costa said.

Bobi’s health remains good, but Costa recently took him for a checkup because he was worried his dog might become stressed due to frequent contact with a lot of people. “They took a lot of pictures of him so he had to stand up a lot. It wasn’t easy for Bobi,” Costa added.


Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a Portuguese breed of dog trained to guard livestock. Due to his age, Bobi has difficulty walking and also has vision problems.

Costa believes that Bobi’s long life is due in part to the “calm and peaceful environment” of this town. Costa was only 8 years old when his dog was born.


“Bobi is special because every time I look at him I remember my family members who unfortunately passed away, like my father, my brother or my grandparents,” Costa shared.

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