The Owner Poured Hot Water On His Head, The Poor Dog Was Shocked After Being Rescued

The heartbreaking story of a poor dog named Kousa. Kousa had to endure excruciating pain when his owner poured hot water on his head, causing severe burns to the entire scalp. When the rescue team arrived, they saw the severity of the situation as they were able to touch his skull. The question arises as to why such cruel actions were taken. Did they intend to torture the dog to death? Kousa cried out for help until he was exhausted. The dog was temporarily bandaged before being taken to the veterinarian.

Kousa looked at me with grateful eyes. The recovery process was not progressing smoothly, and the dog struggled to eat. The dog’s name was Kousa, and his condition became extremely weak. For Kousa to recover, continuous pain relief, intravenous injections, and treatment are required. We truly hope that Kousa will get through this challenge.

Kousa’s legs were swollen due to a prolonged inflammatory process. Urination could only be done with the help of a catheter… Kousa is taken out for a walk every day but moves very little. Kousa’s white blood cell count continues to increase. We believe in miracles, Kousa must live. Never give up.


Kousa’s lungs are functioning well. Kousa feels a little calmer. We truly love you, Kousa. However, the dog still suffers from chronic middle ear inflammation, a condition he has endured throughout his life. According to test results, we have succeeded, as the white blood cell count is gradually decreasing. We are extremely happy and confident that the appropriate treatment has been chosen.

The wound on Kousa’s head is healing. Wishing you a speedy recovery, beloved Kousa. Finally, we have our sweetest child out of the hospital. Kousa has recovered by 98%, and will be taken care of at the shelter. Kousa expressed his gratitude gently to his adoptive mother. Thanks to her, Kousa is truly living a happy life.


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