The wet dog on the side of the road trembled with fear. the poor animal with a cruel anchor around its neck, exposing the inhumane treatment of animals.

Audra Petraškienė drove home along her usual route along the river. At one point, the Lithuanian woman noticed something unusual.

A soaked dog was standing on the side of the road. He was shaking with fear.

Without a second thought, Audra stopped and ran to the poor animal.

As she approached the dog, she discovered something terrifying around its neck.

wet dog
Facebook/Audra Petraskiene

Audra Petraškienė did not expect this meeting. She had driven this route hundreds of times and nothing had ever disturbed her peace. This time she experienced a real shock.

The dog she noticed on the roadside must have gone through hell. A metal weight was tied around his neck. The dog was soaked. It looked as if someone was trying to drown the dog, but miraculously it managed to swim to the shore.

Dog with a kettlebell

“Everything indicates that someone tied this piece of metal to his neck and threw it into the river,” Petraškienė’s daughter, Andra, told  The Dodo .

The dog was cold and scared. He was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

It’s hard to imagine how he managed to escape the tragic fate that some monster had prepared for him. Fortunately, it worked!

The dog escaped from the river

“It’s a real fighter,” says Andra.

Audra can’t understand how someone could do something like that. We too. Only a true monster could commit such a terrible act.

“Who did it to you?” – Audra said in shock to the dog when she found him.

Once there, Audra cried thinking about what that sweet dog could have ended up with. However, the anger quickly gave way to determination. She wanted to help the dog at all costs.

The woman took the dog home. There she managed to remove the heavy kettlebell.

A visit to the vet

After warming up the dog and performing an initial examination, the woman took him to the vet.

Fortunately, the doctor did not find any serious injuries.

Dog at the vet

Audra reported the matter to the police. The woman hopes that the police will manage to find this monster.

“I’m very proud of my mother,” says Andra. “He loves animals and always tries to help them.”

The dog was uninjured

The police identified the dog’s owner. However, no information was given as to why or how the incident took place. It was probably neighborly revenge.

Audra decided to place the dog in a safe shelter until the matter was fully resolved.

daughter with a dog

I hope this dog will finally find a loving home and won’t have to go through something like this. Regardless of the reasons for the situation, the dog was not at fault.

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