This Dog Named Morocho Risked His Life to Save the Lives of Two Girls.

Meet Moroch, the dog who wrestled Puma to save two little girls. A famous dog fought a cougar to protect children.

A few months earlier, Ulises (Dr. Nores Martines, the creator’s grandson) decided to go to La Cocha to run a few errands. He intended to leave and return the same day, so she took his ten-year-old daughter Sofa with her. Nothing went wrong on the way.

As soon as they arrived at the estancia, the workers with the foreman, “Tomás,” got to work. The daughter of “Tomás,” “Sofa,” and “Yoli,” asked for permission to visit a massive fig tree 700 yards away so they could harvest and eat some figs.

Knowing that the tastiest figs are often found at the top of the tree, Yoli scaled the highest branch she could reach. There was just one problem. Not only had she climbed the tree, but others had as well.

When Yoli got approximately 7 feet above the ground, she started to notice noises up on the tree, such as branches rattling and leaves rustling.

She was unaware that a mountain lion or cougar, sometimes known as a puma, was hidden in the same tree.

A large puma was leaping down the top branches as she looked up. “The beast smacked the youngster with a paw, causing Yoli to fall from a height of two meters and land flat on her back.”

Morocho, one of Ulises’ top dogs, nearly invariably follows them with his tail wagging in amusement.

When Yoli’s father heard the girls screaming, he ran as fast as he could, and when Morocho came face to face with a puma, the Dog Argentino decided to risk his life to save two small girls.

Tomas Bracamonte remarked, “I thought it was a snake. “I arrived rushing. I got there as quickly as I could.
“He discovered Morocho when he got there. Despite suffering horrific wounds, the dog was still alive. Puma ran away from us.”

The two little girls are still with us now because to Morocho. Millions of people throughout the world were in awe of Morocho’s courage.

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