Two dogs at the shelter find comfort in each other by touching noses over their kennels.

Sophia, a dog, tried what she could to feel home in her kennel when she arrived at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. No matter what she did, she continued to feel lonely. However, she had her own way when she felt that she was supported by Duke, her neighbor dog, by popping her head over the wall.

A shelter volunteer called Julie Saraceno said that seeing 2 dogs comforting each other is touching. The first time the volunteer noticed that while recording a video of Duke, when Sophia appeared on the wall’s other side. She directly knew that it was not the first time Sophia did that.


The bond between Duke and Sophia was unlikely as they are completely different as Duke is calm and Sophia is energetic. It was obvious that the 2 dogs were strays together on streets as they knew how to comfort each other.


Thankfully, Sophia was adopted by a kind family, but she will always remember what Duke did for her. However, Duke is still looking for a forever home, where he can find the comfort he gave to Sophia. How great! Watch the video below.

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