Two unloved Pit Bulls find solace in each other at the shelter and eventually discover a permanent home together, a touching story of camaraderie and acceptance.

They faced the world in each other’s arms, and in the end they end up adopting as a couple

This is how two dogs who were rescued from the street and found themselves in a shelter box lived. And it was always in each other’s arms that the two four-legged companions faced their first journey to their new home, after fulfilling their wish to find a family willing to adopt them both.

The two small dogs, both of which were American Pit Bull Terrier breed with dark coats, had wowed the entire world after some photographs of them together were uploaded on social media. Two American spouses chose to adopt the two dogs featured in the photos after being struck by their tenderness.

The animal shelter that housed Agatha and Jukebox for a long time shared the story of the two Pit Bulls. The two little dogs became even more popular on the internet after their adoption by an American family, thanks to the construction of a Facebook profile dedicated to them, Jukebox & Agatha’s Bonded Journey (at the social account @ Jukebox & Agatha’s Bonded Journey).

Agatha and Jukebox, the two dogs, came at an animal rescue and recovery centre in Arizona (the United States of America). Agatha, a female Pit Bull with a grey coat, was rescued from the cold and hunger after spending several years on the streets. Jukebox, a male Pit Bull with a brownish coat, was found as a one-year-old puppy.

During a rainy and cold day, the four-legged animal had been abandoned tethered with a rope to a light pole. As a result, both had been abandoned and found themselves in the harsh living conditions of stray animals.

The two Pit Bulls were placed in the same box after arriving at the shelter almost on the same day. It was as if the two four-legged buddies had always known one other and had missed each other until then. As soon as they met, a strong tie of affection was established between Agatha and Juke box, surprising even the recovery centre staff. ‘of one another.

The little dogs won the hearts of all the workers throughout the months they spent at the shelter: gentle and affectionate, the two creatures spent the days playing and sleeping together, falling asleep only after hugging each other.

In the end, it was the wonderful friendship that Agatha and Jukebox had established that enabled them to be adopted. An American couple decided to adopt both dogs after being struck by their affection for one another. So, still hugging each other, the two puppies embarked on their first automobile journey to a new life. Their narrative demonstrates that the nature of Pit Bulls is not inherently negative.

Although American Pit Bull Terrier dogs (also known as Pit Bulls) are recognised for having a violent and aggressive personality, this is due to how they are bred and educated: by nature, these animals are exceedingly kind and devoted. This is evidenced by the photos that are shared on Agatha and Jukebox’s Facebook page on a daily basis.

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