Weak, shivering, and barely clinging to life, she found a savior in a kind woman who brought hope and care into her world.

Bina was barely two weeks old when she was found alone in a field at 40 degrees. It was a barren spot, and there was no indication of her mother or any other members of her herd. She was frail, shivering and just clinging to life.

A group of hikers stumbled upon Bina and immediately realized they had to save her. They scooped her up and drove her to a local animal shelter where she received prompt medical assistance.

The vet who checked her determined that she was blind, suffering from nervous spasms, and not eating well. Doctors were worried that she could have a nerve issue and would need rapid surgery to ease the pain.

X-rays indicated that Pena had water in her skull which was exerting pressure on her brain. The surgery was dangerous, but it was the only chance to save Pina’s life.

The procedure was a success, and following the surgery, Bina’s health steadily began to improve. In time, Bina began to regain her strength and hunger.

Pina’s personality began to peek through, and despite her blindness, she was an extraordinarily loving and curious little creature.

Suddenly, her story went viral. People from all across the world tracked her growth, offering words of love and support.

Two months after the surgery, Bina made an astonishing recovery. She no longer felt pain and was able to eat and move on her own. She even started playing with the other animals in the reserve.

Bina’s story is a tribute to the resiliency of animals and the power of love and compassion.

Despite her tough start in life, Bina was given a second opportunity and thrived. She has been an inspiration to many and a reminder that every life, no matter how little, is important.

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