Witnessing the tears of thanks from a disabled puppy as she is helped for the first time in her life is truly heartwarming.

This is a heartbreaking story of ASKIM, she was severed two legs in pain and despair.

Rescue volunteers could not hold back their emotions as they examined ASKIM’s wounds; they were too kind to this tiny darling.

The unfortunate little child had her legs crushed by an owner she loved. She had lost everything as a result of this man, including her trust in humanity.

ASKIM was saved, and his appetite was superb. Maybe she wept a lot. She is, nevertheless, still as tough as a warrior…

Doctors properly cleansed and dressed the incision after being transported to VET. They spent a lot of time taking care of her.

One of the volunteers loved in love with her the time he saw her:

“I didn’t even leave ASKIM alone for fear of her pain. Today, I have another KID, that is ASKIM.”

After 2 months of continuous treatment, ASKIM is now better, she can walk on two legs.

She lost two legs, yet she is joyful and friendly to everyone. Thank God for ASKIM’s blessing.

ASKIM now, 4 months later. She adores puppies and is constantly protective of them; she is also very friendly and entertaining.

Thank God for blessing ASKIM and giving her the happiest life.

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