Woman Sees Dog Shivering In Cold Outside, Gives Her Own Coat To Keep Him Warm

“I noticed two or three other individuals go by and comment on how lovely and warm he was.” 


Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting for the bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when they noticed a lovely puppy running errands with his mother. His mother was about to enter the post office and couldn’t bring the puppy with her. She started tying him to a tree, and what happened next melted everyone’s hearts.

“It was quite chilly and windy outside,” Hollie said to The Dodo. “I saw he was clearly trembling. She certainly saw because she removed her jacket and covered the dog as he sat. Perhaps she believed he’d kick it off, so she knelt and zipped it up around him!”

The puppy sat perfectly still as his mother wrapped her jacket around him, eager to put on something warm. The woman clearly wanted to bring her dog inside with her if she could, and because she couldn’t, she wanted to make him as comfortable as possible until she returned, even if she was only gone for a few minutes.

“I told her that what she done was really lovely and caring as soon as she stood up and walked by me,” Hollie added. “She just said, ‘Thank you!’” ‘I don’t want him chilly!’”

The lovely canine drew a lot of attention while sitting on the pavement in his jacket, as people couldn’t stop taking pictures of him or commenting on his comfortable jacket.

“I observed two or three other people pass past him and comment on how lovely and toasty he looked,” Hollie added.

Hollie’s bus eventually came. As she boarded, she returned her gaze to the jacket-clad pooch, who was sitting proudly on the sidewalk in his clothing, waiting for his mom, who loves him enough to give him the jacket from her own back.

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