Wonder Woman” Star Gal Gadot Welcomes 4th Baby After Secret Pregnancy

Gal Gadot gives birth to fourth child with husband Jaron Varsano following secret  pregnancy

Gal Gadot surprised fans by announcing the birth of her fourth child with husband Yaron Varsano on Wednesday, having kept her pregnancy a complete secret until then.

In an Instagram post, the “Wonder Woman” star shared a heartwarming photo of herself cradling her newborn baby in the hospital, along with a touching message: “My sweet girl, welcome.”

She went on to express gratitude despite the challenges of her pregnancy, mentioning that their new daughter brings light into their lives, living up to her name, Ori, which means ‘my light’ in Hebrew.

This marks Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano’s fourth child together, joining their daughters Alma, 12; Maya, 6; and Daniella, 2, in their growing family.

Varsano also shared his excitement on Instagram, expressing his joy and gratitude for their new addition, calling Gadot his “beautiful strong lioness.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Gadot has kept her pregnancy under wraps. In 2017, she managed to conceal her second pregnancy while filming “Wonder Woman” to avoid any special treatment on set.

Despite the challenges, Gadot finds the experience of being pregnant while working empowering, describing it as one of the most “bad—” things she’s done.

However, she also acknowledges the difficulties, mentioning her struggles with sickness and migraines during pregnancies.

The announcement of Ori’s birth garnered congratulations from famous friends, including Lili Collins and Vin Diesel, showcasing the widespread joy for the couple’s new arrival.

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